Learn to Dive in Cebu with MSU !

If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. Get your scuba diving certification with the PADI® Open Water Diver course – the world’s most popular and widely recognized scuba course. 

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Wide range of MSU diving services  

msu diving center conduct lisence course closely and privately, because we want our guest to feel comfortable upon doing the lisence course, we want our students to feel astounded also after they went for course with msu. this is how msu conduct lisence courses.
msu have the virtue of giving a presence called free rental for the equipments. means, get license course from msu first, then msu will give free rental gear to the students if they want to make fun diving or any. feel no worries about renting a diving equipments.
msu thinks more than standards interms of safety, even in fun diving we placed number of dive master to attend to the students upon doing the activities. more safety,  more guide, more feeling no worries.

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Get Certified with PADI

To start diving experience, you need to get scuba diving license, get PADI Open water diver license and start your exploration. scuba diving license has rank up system, when you get certified as open water diver, you better get PADI Advanced open water diver rank, because a lot of interesting diving point like ship wrecks are usually in more than 20m depth. MSU privides open water + advance combo !  it needs 5 to 6 days.

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Explore Cebu with MSU !

explore msu by boat diving also, msu boat diving activities is way too unique and customized, we free select destinations like plane wreck, fish santuary places, like hilutungan, tambuli, and more,
msu catters Oslob trip also, where you can see numbers of whale sharks, since at oslob we can do 1 dive only, msu is eager to bring you to moalboal aslo where you can feel ablaze upon seeing the large number os sardines.
at oslob you can get to experience also seeing sea turtles and numbers of different fishes also.  come to msu and be part our most astounding activities.

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Become Professional

Become PADI professional, MSU’s professional level training is unique, MSU’s PADI course director will teach you professional course in detail in very friendly and intensive atmosphere. not only diving training, we also teach diving marketing, IT related marketing using social media, etc. 

Divemaster Course・・・2 Weeks・46,000 Pesos
EFR Instructor Course ・・・1 Day (Class room)・8,000 Pesos
Specialty Instructor Course・・・Please contact us for more information
IDC&IE・・・2 Weeks・50,000 Pesos

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How to make reservation

  • First of all, please contact us
    Please use the buttons below, you can contact us by sending emails or you can also contact us on Facebook messenger. in your message to us, please include following information. (1) Exact date (2) What type of course you want to join (3) Your Name.
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  • Please wait for our reply
    Since we are always conducting courses, our reply may be late. but for sure we will reply you. please wait for our reply message.
  • Fill out online form 
    After we receive your message, we will send you the link of the online form. you will need to fill it out to make reservation. after we receive your online form data, we will make your reservation complete.
  • We will contact you  
    just few days before the date you want to join our course, we will contact you with the information like pick up time etc. 

Reservation Status

Please be aware that if we have Instructor Development Course, our accommodation service and Boat Diving tour will be restricted. please contact us for more details.

2020 January Closed
February Closed
March Closed
April Closed
May Closed
June Closed
July Closed
August Not Available due to Quarantine Protocol
September Not Available due to Quarantine Protocol
October Not Available due to Quarantine Protocol
November Not Available due to Quarantine Protocol
December Not Available due to Quarantine Protocol

News from MSU

  • Operation Schedule 2019
    Please be aware that we will be closing from December 29th 2019 until  January 4th 2020.
  • Credit Card payment re-started
    We have re-started our credit card payments. please refer to the web page here for more information.
  • Days need to complete open water course
    You will need 3 to 4 days to complete your open water diver course, please do not include your arrival day or departure day. you will need strait 3 or 4 days for the lesson.
  • When you join diving lessons in rain season
    Rain season in Cebu starts from June until December. we recommend you to have 1 or more additional days to your license course lessons in case we cannot conduct courses due to have heavy rain or strong current.  
  • We close on August 11
    Due to Iron man race held in Mactan Cebu on August 11, please be aware that we will close all of our services at that day.

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