miscellaneous after diving

Rental Car

Car Transfer Service

2000 pesos for first 3 hours, 500 pesos succeeding hours.  
our car transfer service comes with driver.


There are many popular restaurants here in Cebu area, most of the case, it is hard to get taxi to go back to your hotel after having dinner. our car service will fit to your needs.

Local Food Experience

There are many local small restaurants called “Karendaria”. your driver will take you popular Karendaria and you can experience Cebu local foods.

City Tour

We also offer city tour service, it is very good not to dive before you take air plane flight. instead we recommend to take a city tour, buy souvenir etc. also you can visit SM Seaside city Cebu mall, it is a 3rd biggest SM mall in Philippines and it has more than 700 shoppes. 

Bohol Tour

also for non diving tour, we recommend to take a 1 day trip to Bohol. you can see many unique tourism points here. also we can offer 1 night 2 days trip including 2 dives. please ask us for further detail. 

Bantayan Island

Beautiful Island near Cebu, 1 night 2 days package for non diving tour or 2 dives tour.