miscellaneous before you go diving


Basic Information in Scuba Diving Tour

Taking Air plane flight after diving

Before you book your dive course, take into consideration the no-fly rules after diving.
If you did single dive in a day, you need at least 12 hours to wait before the flight.
If you did multiple dives in a day, you need at least 18 hours to wait before the flight.
if you planning to dive in Cebu, it is always good to not have flight before 10AM to make sure you have more than 18 hours rest. 
for the same reason, also we do not recommend you to do Sky Diving, Para Sailing right after the diving.

Bring your cloth to change

Please just always remember that you need to bring your dry clothes to change, we cannot allow wet customer to get into our car. and please never put on your cloth over your swimwear.

Please do not bring expensive items

Please do not bring your valuable items, expensive stuff, high amount of money to the beach, boat or other activities.

BASIC ITEMS you need to bring for the fun diving

You need to bring followings.

  • Swimwear
  • Slippers
  • Dry Cloth to change
  • Towels
  • Small amount of money for drinks and lunch
  • Your C-Card
  • Log Book

Payment Methods

We Accept following payment methods.

  • On Site Payment: Cash in Peso
  • On Site Payment: Cash in Japan Yen
  • On Site Payment: other currency (we bring you to good rate exchange shop)
  • On Site Payment: Credit Card (3.6% processing fee) Visa Master Amex
  • Online Payment: Paypal (5% processing fee)

Cancel Policy

When you pay inadvance, followings are our cancel policy,

when you purchase PADI materials …. non refundable.
otherwise 3 Days before … non refundable.

we can only refund cash, wire transfer to japanese bank, or moneygram remittance.

What you need for your lisence courses

Start dive theory part before you arrive

You can also start your knowledge development part of your license courses before you arrive at Cebu. please tell us when you are interested in that. if you complete your knowledge review part before your arrival, you do not need to do your homework during the session in cebu. to do this, you need to pay your course fee in advance.

Medical questionnaire

If you are planning to take PADI Openwater Diver Course or other continues education courses, you need to fill out the medical questionnaire,  If you have any medical issues that are in this form, you will need a physician to complete the 2nd page of the form declaring the student fit to dive.
please click here to donwload medical questionaire

Open water & Advanced Course & Specialty Courses

 In addition to the “BASIC ITEMS” above, you will need to download Medical questionnaire and make sure you have no positive answer on that questions.

Rescue Diver Course

 I addition to the “BASIC ITEMS” above, You need to bring followings for your license courses.

  • EFR C-Card (within 24 month)
  • Advanced Open water C-Card
  • if you have 1 or more positive answers in the medial questionnaire paper or if you are 45 years and older, please download medical questionnaire and print it out and go to your doctor and please ask them to fallout PHYSICIAN section of the paper.

Divemaster Course

I addition to the “BASIC ITEMS” above, You need to bring followings for your license courses.

  • PADI Advanced Open water C-Card
  • PADI Rescue Diver C-Card
  • EFR C-Card
  • Medical Questionnaire with Doctor’s signature on “PHYSICIAN” section.
  • Log Book

Things you need to know about Cebu

Please do not walk alone in the dark night

Basically Mactan and Cebu are safe in the day time, but since it is developing country, there are still some number of street children and bad peoples, please keep in your mind that you always take tricycle or taxi wherever you go, please do NOT walk alone in the dark night. even in the daytime, we recommend you to NOT walk long distance alone.  

Use Grab

It is just like a Uber, you can get cars very convenient way. the benefit of grab is you do not to fight with the driver because of the fair they charge. it is automatic payments and you don’t need to pay cash. please download grab app into your smart phone and create your grab account before you arrive.

Rental Car comes with a driver

Usually when you get rental car here, the driver will come with your car. so some times it is more reasonable for you to get rental car rather than jst getting taxi. and also rental car is useful because some of a good local restaurant is located in hidden place where you have hard time to get taxi or grab car to return to your hotel after dinner. we can assist you to make reservation for your rental car.