miscellaneous cebu information


Climate of Cebu

It’s a tropical wet and dry climate here in Cebu, and we have 2 types of climate, wet season and dry season, usually dry season starts from October, but hot weather are in between March and May. We season starts from June. 

Diving in Cebu

Water temp. is always around 29 to 30 degrees Celsius. We have around 27 degrees Celsius only in between January and March. most of the case we use Dive Skins instead of 3mm or 5mm wet suits, in results you will need less weights than you usually use and you will scuba dive more comfortably than other cold water area.  

Mactan Island

Cebu Island is surrounded by the big Islands such as Negros,Bohol, Leyte, Masbate and Panay, therefore we normally will not have a big typhoon hit directory to Cebu. typhoons usually goes  to the direction to Luzon, Okinawa and Taiwan. therefore even in rain season, it is very seldom to have beach area closed. 

We have many popular local food restaurants in reasonable price here in Mactan, such as Lantaw floating restaurant, Maribago Grill, Taytayan floating restaurant.